Training Needs Outside of HR

Some of our most inspired moments come when we get to help unlock human potential in parts of organizations that are typically neglected from traditional training departments.

We see three key areas where businesses need better training


but have a difficult time getting them naturally: Customer Experience, Sales Enablement, and Client Education.

Our CEO and Co-founder, Max Yoder, recently discussed these areas on

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The word training probably doesn’t appear anywhere in your title, and it may not even show up as a line item on your list of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean training—whether it’s employee-, partner-, or client-facing—isn’t a consistent part of your job.When we first built Lessonly, the easy training software, we knew that training in small- and medium-size businesses tends to happen organically across different teams. But we grossly underestimated just how much training takes place outside of Human Resources, the traditional training department.As a result, folks who are not traditional trainers now make up our most-active clientele; that is, they are the fastest growing segment of our business. The reason is simple: there aren’t accessible training tools out there for people who don’t have master’s degrees in instructional design.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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