The Importance of a New Hire Checklist

Starting a new hire checklist is intimidating. But, overcoming what might appear as a monotonous and overwhelming challenge, results in many benefits. Future you as well as your future new employees will thank you for the time to put in and the devotion to complete a new hire checklist with due diligence.

Here are our top three benefits of completing a new hire checklist:

Your time saved

This might be hard to see at the beginning, but after you complete a new hire checklist, you no longer have to panic when new hires are coming onboard in the next two weeks; everything will be sorted out. It is an investment of time at the beginning, we won’t try to tell you that it’s not. But, automating the new hire checklist and figuring out which customer service training you want your employees to go through while still keeping them interactive, will save you time later in your career.


Once you establish your new hire checklist, every new hire should be brought onboard with the same activities. That may seem intimidating. If you are unsure about a few things on your checklist or in between a few ideas, consult with other managers. You can ask for help, and you should. If you were tasked with starting a new hire checklist or even if you have taken this upon yourself, you likely know the training material the best.

Although you have the best knowledge of training materials, other people may have great ideas about training activities.

Their time saved

The new employee transition should be a smooth transition. Your employees are malleable and impressionable during this time. Opinions about your company culture form even before the first in-person interview. So, if you have established a great culture–which I’m sure you have–keep it going with a great onboarding process.

While using a new hire checklist may not seem important right now, if you try it out once, you will understand how much easier things are with it. You no longer have to look at your teammates and say “Oh, what did we say we were going to do?” You definitely don’t have to look at the new hires and say “What do you want to do now?”

Even easier, we got a new hire checklist started for you. You can check it out here and fill out the template of what you want to accomplish.

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