Self-Performance Review Phrases Examples

When the time for performance reviews rolls around, your employees may get nervous about what questions you might ask or what the criteria will be. To ease the rising nerves in the office, consider offering your employees a self-performance review. Your employees will be able to go through and grade themselves on the same criteria you are discussing later in the review. Here are four benefits to giving your employees time to conduct self-performance reviews and use their own performance review phrases examples:

Starting the Dialogue

Allowing your employees to start their own performance review is a great way to facilitate the dialogue between the manager and the employee. When your employees have criteria listed on what they will be evaluated on and what they have already evaluated themselves on, the dialogue will be easy. It no longer has to be the manager telling the employee how they are doing, it can instead be a back-and-forth of how the employee thinks they are doing in certain areas and why.

Forming Goals

When you understand what is important to the employee, it can be a great way to prioritize tasks. Your employees will let you know what they think or want to accomplish and what you as a manager and mentor can do to help. If the dialogue is already open, you will be able to assess goals and plan from there. When your employees think they can do better in a certain area, you can ask what they want to accomplish by next month or the end of the quarter. Be sure to use SMART goals so you and the rest of the team can hold them accountable.

Gaining Insight

An employee conducting their own performance review truly lets you know their potential. They may think they can accomplish even more than they are currently doing while you think they are exceeding expectations already. Also, if many of your employees have different goals, it can be a good way to appoint a mentor to each person or create an accountability system to increase collaboration. Your team will truly feel like a team after you start conducting self-performance reviews with performance review phrases examples.

Building Trust

Building trust between an employee and a manager can seem difficult at times. But, empowering your employees to conduct their own review gives them the responsibility to conduct honest feedback about themselves. When they are asked to look at their own performance, they begin to empathize more with their manager and see how difficult managing a whole team might be.

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