Role-Playing with Performance Appraisal Phrases

Employees feel pressured to prepare for their performance appraisal, but how often do managers practice for the appraisal? Managers who are effective at employee performance appraisals produce better business results. One out of five employees thinks their manager does not even think about their appraisal before they begin. The performance appraisal process improves when managers prepare for giving the appraisals just like their employees.

Role-playing with other managers is a key way that managers can best prepare for performance appraisal time. It is critical that participants role-play in both the manager position as well as employee role. There are three ways in which role-playing allows managers to learn how to strengthen their performance appraisal evaluations:

1. Learning by doing

When a manager is practicing giving an appraisal, he or she is improving their creative problem-solving skills. Through imitating giving appraisals, the manager will learn and better understand the skill set he or she needs when giving appraisals. Practicing appraising will make the manager more competent, resulting in confidence in the manager.

2. Learning through imitation

Similar to the man imitating a rabid dog above, by the manager placing herself in the employee role, she gains the opportunity to understand, analyze and reflect possible behaviors and emotions of the employees. Managers will be better equipped to forecast how employees will respond. The manager will be able to practice resistance from the employee’s standpoint. Human relations will be likely to improve because by playing the role of an employee, the manager will develop empathy towards employees.

3. Learning through feedback

The managers will exchange feedback with each other about their approaches and learn from the others remarks. The managers can exchange tips on how to motivate employees, build a level of proper respect with employees, and make sure they are having the correct tone. Also, receiving feedback will make sure that the manager is willing to have listening ears. Taking constructive criticism can be difficult.

Performance appraisals are not only an assessment of the individual employee productivity performance but also a time for organizational criteria and objectives to be reevaluated. A manager should take the time to listen to the employee suggestions. Employees can give crucial advice on how to improve business results.

Performance appraisals are a critical time for businesses to make improvements and develop. Role-playing with other managers beforehand best allows managers to maximize the evaluation process through learning and being better prepared with performance appraisal phrases.

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